The Coalition of Neighborhood Councils

The Coalition of Neighborhood Councils has actually established itself as the voice of southeastern San Diego via its substantial jobs in the neighborhood. It is our idea that the good modification in the area need to be led as well as had by its locals, as well as the CNC is dedicated to empowering neighborhood residents to form the future of their areas.

The CNC’s routines and also initiatives are focuseded on helping the here and now and also planning for the future of southeastern San Diego, with concentrates on wellness, education and learning, real estate, economic redevelopment, employment, and also assisting gang-affiliated youth destroy their ties to the road way of life. The CNC also acts a forum for the individuals of the 21 southeastern San Diego areas, neighborhood lobbyists, as well as other community-based companies, compiling the issues as well as concerns of the neighborhood through public discussion forums and also neighborhood council meetings and offering them to city, state, as well as national officials. With cooperations and functioning partnerships with area activists, federal government agencies, community-based organizations, and also included homeowners, the CNC is blazing a trail in making southeastern San Diego a risk-free, vivid area for families to live, work, and play.

We appreciate the hard work and help that the folks at contributed to this site.